Racyne Parker’s “Here in the Middle” Conquers Overthinking with Decisiveness

A brave and vulnerable storytelling, “Here in the Middle”, shows the anxiety that comes with being stuck between two choices

Racyne Parker’s heartfelt folk single, “Here in the Middle”, is a vulnerable storytelling of feeling broken down and torn about a tough decision. Reflecting that sometimes, the “best decision” is simply making a choice and then making the most out of it.

“Here in the Middle” was written in a moment when indecision had led to stagnation and doubt. The song began as self-talk prompted by the first two lines in the song, “I hate myself for failing, but I love myself for trying. Guess I’ll wait here somewhere in the middle”. Parker faced the choice of leaning in toward an exciting but uncertain future, or to instead find stability in a more secure path. While neither choice would be wrong, Parker felt it was a hard decision to make. She says that “ruminating on the choice itself was holding me back from pursuing purpose or committing myself to anything at all, which was impacting my whole outlook on my life”.

Racyne Parker Here in the Middle

The production and lyricism of “Here in the Middle” represents the next era in Racyne’s journey as a singer-songwriter. Racyne worked with producer Randall Kent out of Nashville, TN to bring to life what she thinks is her best work yet! She hopes this new single “meets you wherever you are along your own journey”.

A Pacific-Northwest fall tour is scheduled to start in early-October. Tour dates can be found at www.racyneparker.com/events.

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